Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush

100% of 100

(1) Rotadent ProCare Professional Rotary Toothbrush

(1) Charger

(1) Short-Tip Brush Head

(1) Hollow-Tip Brush Head



Rotadent ProCare offers:

  • the power of a disease-fighting instrument modeled after professional prophy handpiece
  • removal of 92% of plaque in the first minute of brushing
  • consistently superior results in in-vitro stain removal from both flat and interproximal surfaces


Important: Please review your Rotadent ProCare Warranty


1 Boyd RL, Murray P, Robertson PB. Effect on periodontal status of rotary electric toothbrushes vs. manual toothbrushes during periodontal maintenance. I. Clinical results. J Periodontal. 1989;60(7):390-395. Read

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