Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush

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(1) Rotadent ProCare Professional Rotary Toothbrush

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While visiting your dentist regularly is essential in order to maintain oral health, it is equally important to maintain a healthy routine in-between dental appointments. The Rotadent ProCare® Professional Rotary Toothbrush is an effective one-step solution for optimal oral hygiene at home. Rotadent ProCare is the only power toothbrush clinically proven to be as effective as brushing and flossing combined1. Rotadent brush heads access important areas that standard bristles might miss — below the gumline and between the teeth. Paired with a full 360-degree motion, Rotadent cleans and polishes teeth each time, feeling as if you just walked out of the dentist.


Rotadent ProCare offers:

  • the power of a disease-fighting instrument modeled after professional prophy handpiece
  • removal of 92% of plaque in the first minute of brushing
  • consistently superior results in in-vitro stain removal from both flat and interproximal surfaces


Important: Please review your Rotadent ProCare Warranty


1 Boyd RL, Murray P, Robertson PB. Effect on periodontal status of rotary electric toothbrushes vs. manual toothbrushes during periodontal maintenance. I. Clinical results. J Periodontal. 1989;60(7):390-395. Read

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