Membership Benefits

The Smile Discovery Program® delivers more patients and increases case acceptance in your practice. Through innovative marketing programs like our social media advertising program, patient education dentist locator directories and digital marketing resources, we drive more patients to your practice. Through tools like our LumiSmile® design application and our patient financing program, we drive more case acceptance. On top of that, SDP members get more support including free continuing education courses, monthly infection control products and discounts on lab services!

Save Money & Increase Revenue

Potential Increase in Revenue 

$100K+ / Year

Typically, for a practice using the SDP program as designed, a practice can realize over $100k in increased production depending on case mix (veneers, whitening, orthodontia).

Average Benefit Value

180+ leads per year from social media advertising*

12+ case conversions per year using the LumiSmile app**

$8K+ per year in free lab services, product and CE***

*Results are influenced by the quality of the practice landing pages used in coordination with social ads

**Based on an average of 50 LumiSmile per month (new and existing patients)

*** Assumes that doctor takes 3 courses in a year, uses lab case benefits for 3 Lumineers cases and 1 orthodontia case, and receives over $1K worth of infection control products during the contract term

Average Results

X New Patients Per Month

Additional Revenue Per Month = $XX,XXX

X Additional Cases Per Month

Additional Revenue Per Month = $XX,XXX

Addtional Revenue Per Month = $XX,XXX

X New Patients Per Year

Additional Revenue Per Year = $XX,XXX

X Additional Cases Per Year

Additional Revenue Per Year = $XX,XXX

Addtional Revenue Per Year = $XX,XXX